YAJAP 2021/2022 cycle

1-year training program
March 2021 - march 2022
South africa & germany
The global climate crisis is the central challenge of our time

The prevailing mentality in Africa and indeed the rest of the globe, is that climate change is – to paraphrase the words of Kofi Annan – something that is going to happen in the future.

It is hard to explain this worldview because the data is stunning. Every year since 2010 has been hotter than the previous one. Over half the population of the entire Southern African Development Community (SADC) including more than half its livestock is under severe pressure due to persistent drought conditions.
YAJAP Climate Justice Edition

Climate change is an unsexy topic because it is happening in slow motion, not as sudden and dramatic as the Coronavirus pandemic. That explains why it is not front and centre of priorities, budgets and strategic plans. 

YAJAP wants to approach the topics of climate change, social justice and global interdependencies and put it at the centre of a public debate.
Workshop 1

March 2021
Workshop 2

September 2021
Workshop 3

March 2022
Cape Town
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